The Gold Emporium is essentially the donator system that BoE runs on. The items in the Gold Emporium are listed on the page, but this article will assess specifically how much everything is worth to similar items, as well as how much everything is worth in real life currency (The USD, or united States Dollar, will be used since that is what the donator system is based on).

First off, there are five ways to obtain gold tokens. The first and most efficient way is through donating. Gold Tokens are meant to be a donator feature, so it only makes sense that the best way to get them is through donating. The second best way to obtain them is through voting. Vote every day, do not forget to vote! If you constantly vote, you obtain a 50 GT bonus after 5 days. The third best way is through leveling. Each level up gives you 20 GT. Finally, the fourth and fifth best way is through attacking and crimes. The gains are very small, but they do help in the long run.

The GT system allows non-donators to obtain donator items without giving money to the game. Given, it is very time-consuming and can take a long time, but it is possible to get things there without donating. As stated before, though, it is by far easier to just donate to the game to get what you want. That's what the system was made for, and anything more than that is a privilege.


This section compares the number of gold tokens you get per dollar, as well as the real-life worth of each token. While simple, it shows that you get more "bang for your buck" by donating more money in one go. The "Price of 1 GT" section is used for the following section when determining the real-life value of Gold Emporium items.

Donation Package Tokens Tokens/$ Price of 1 GT
$2.00 2,000 1000 $0.001
$5.00 5,500 1100 $0.000909091
$10.00 12,000 1200 $0.000833333
$20.00 26,000 1300 $0.000769231
$50.00 72,000 1440 $0.000694444
$100.00 160,000 1600 $0.000625

Real-Life Value of Gold Emporium ItemsEdit

This section utilizes the "Price of 1 GT" column in the above section to show just how much you have paid for a Gold Emporium item with your real money. The money columns ($2.00, $5.00, etc.) show you the price you paid for the item depending on which donation package you got respectfully. Each price given is rounded up to the nearest cent. In the cases that rounding would price the item the same as a previous, an extra decimal place is put in place to show that there is a difference.

Item GT Cost $2.00 $5.00 $10.00 $20.00 $50.00 $100.00
Lesser Skillpoint Scroll 250 $0.25 $0.23 $0.21 $0.20 $0.18 $0.16
Skillpoint Scroll 600 $0.60 $0.55 $0.50 $0.47 $0.42 $0.38
Greater Skillpoint Scroll 1,400 $1.40 $1.28 $1.17 $1.08 $0.98 $0.88
Scroll of Discipline 600 $0.60 $0.55 $0.50 $0.47 $0.42 $0.38
Blessed Scroll of Discipline 1,100
Bank Note 8,000 $8.00 $7.28 $6.67 $6.16 $5.56 $5.00
Florin 200 $0.20 $0.19 $0.17 $0.16 $0.14 $0.13
Crystals 6
Major Healing Potion 15
Master Key 15
Scroll of Loyalty 30 $0.03 $0.028 $0.25 $0.024 $0.021 $0.019
Blessed Scroll of Loyalty 80 $0.08 $0.073 $0.067 $0.062 $0.056 $0.05
Donator Days [15] 1,500 $1.50 $1.37 $1.25 $1.16 $1.05 $0.94
Donator Days [60] 5,500 $5.50 $5.00 $4.59 $4.24 $3.82 $3.44
Donator Pack [1] 4,250
Donator Pack [2] 4,250
Donator Pack [3] 13,000
Donator Pack [4] 13,000
Trainers Pack 20,000

Gold Emporium Items AssessedEdit

This section will compare gold emporium items of similar purpose, such as the three skill point scrolls, with each other to show how useful one item is over another. Depending on the item some other statistics are taken into account as well.

For those confused, the SP/Token column tells how many skill points you get for every 1 token used.

Scroll Name SP Awarded Gold Tokens SP/Token
Lesser Skillpoint Scroll 200 250 0.8
Skillpoint Scroll 500 600 0.833
Greater Skillpoint Scroll 1200 1400 0.857

This chart will compare the Major Healing Potion and Master Key to items of similar effect in game. Column with a number in it refers to the item that heals that ailment for that many minutes. For example, the column titled "20" refers to either a red berry or lock pick. The number in that column refers to how many items need to be used to equal the same effect as using one Major Healing Potion or Master Key. The column with the number again and the dollar sign tells how much it costs to by items.

Name Heal 20 min 20 min - $ 50 min 50 min - $
Major Healing Potion 200 min. 10 $1500 4 $4,000
Master Key 150 min. 8 $1200 3 $3,000

Scroll Trains Gold Tokens GT/1x Train
Scroll of Discipline 2x 600 300
Bless Scroll of Discipline 4x 1400 350

Scroll Power Regained Gold Tokens GT/Power Regen
Scroll of Loyalty 10 30 3
Blessed Scroll of Loyalty 30 80 2.666

Donator Day Amount Gold Tokens GT/Day
Donator Days [15] 1500 100
Donator Days [60] 5500 91.666

These transferable donator packs are great for selling to other users, but have a great personal use as well. By buying these packs instead of the supplies separate you save a little money. The +X at the end signifies the nightfire. Nightfire is no longer obtainable through donations directly, so it is impossible to price accuratley in here. Remember that Nightfire is included in the pack.

Donator Pack Gold Tokens Price to Buy Separate
Donator Pack [1] 4,250
Donator Pack [2] 4,250
Donator Pack [3] 13,000
Donator Pack [4] 13,000
Trainers Pack 20,000
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