In Blade of Eternity, you can pick one of three paths to follow. These paths are Syr, Andvari and Goen. You can only choose one path, and can not re-choose a path once you have already picked one, so make sure that the path you pick is suited to your play style.


The Syr take pride in their ability to attack swiftly and with stealth. They specialize in Agility based combat. The Syr draw from the element of water to train their movements.


  • +5% Agility


The Andvari are peaceful and take pride in protecting the weak and vulnerable. The strength of the Andvari lie in their intensive Guard training. They symbolize themselves as strong as the earth we walk upon.


  • +5% Defense


The Goen have a passion for attacking anyone and everyone. Their power lies in their extensive training of Strength. The Goen draw strength from the element of fire to aid them in battle.


  • +5% Strength

Once you reach level 10, you will receive an event saying, "The elders have watched you develop in the world of Blade of Eternity. They inform you that a new quest awaits you in the town of Aerid". This means that you can now take the first step in upgrading your character by choosing a path.

When you travel to the town of Aerid and visit the Quest Centre , you will see the quest Path of Enlightenment at the top. This is the quest to decide which path you want to take in the game.

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